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I made a disease

2015-08-31 01:44:26 by BobieThe11th

It's ma birthday

2015-07-29 05:20:42 by BobieThe11th

So that's cool

The meaning of life for Bobie.

2015-06-04 15:16:50 by BobieThe11th


I woke up today, and I realized 3 important things (For me lol):

1. My favorite thing in the world is producing fucking content!- What does that mean exactly? Well let's just say I'm not the kind of person who likes to sit around doing nothing. I barely get to watch TV shows or play video games, simply because every moment not invested in content creating is wasted for me I guess... Which is something I really miss. Which leads me to the second thing:

2. Holy fucking shit, I'm un-productive - And that's true... Ever since Human A.I. (Which sucked balls looking back BTW) I didn't make a single game. THAT WAS A YEAR AGO! (In 2 Days actually) FUCK! So yeah... Almost quit animating... Totally quit game creating... barely uploads art... almost doesn't upload music... WAY TO GO BOBS! However when I DO get to work on anything, a different problem pops up. LADIES AND GENTELMEN - REALISATION NUMBER 3:

3. Oh, Haha yeah... I suck... Almost forgot about that - Personally, I think I used to draw 10 times better, (Not talking about painting technique or anything like that... Everything that has to do with creativity, character design etc,) Not to mention the little knowledge I had in flash is kinda gone now, and again, ONE YEAR WITHOUT GAME MAKING. The problem mentioned above is that I simply CAN'T make something that I LIKE. You have seriously no idea how many painting and drawing I made and didn't upload\finish just because I don't think they're good enough... probably 6 lol... 


Well, to be straight forward, all this non-Newgrounds time didn't do well I guess... I want to go back to my regular upload frequency... So yeah, more art is in the oven, getting all nice and baked. Hopefully a new animated series with INVTB (formerly known as FrostySlash) and a few more friends is being made, AND the thing I'm most excited about, fucking finally, a new game. It will be a big project that will be by me alone (for now. hopefully new members will hop by) and I really hope it WILL be finished how I like it, and that you will like it as well ;D Yeah ;D You ;D

Also, I will love keeping in touch with you guys again, Like I haven't spoke with some of you in a while :o Sorry about that lmao (You know who you are :* ) 

Hopefully, this experience will help me improve as an artist or whatever. Till now NG has only helped me improve, I'd love to keep it this way.


(should've probably recorded this, but naah what the hell)





Well. Shit.

2015-04-12 03:59:38 by BobieThe11th

Dammit this vacation is a real mess so far lol
School starts again tommorow and I'm not even done with half of the shit I gotta do...
Not to mention that isperation is kinda gone now, so I made almost nothing good throughout the vacation! sweet.

So yeah I need to get my shit together... In the meanwhile, how u guys doing?


Oh, the spring <3

2015-03-27 13:50:58 by BobieThe11th

Yesss, Today spring break has offically begun!
Which means no school (sorta)
And just friends, Art, Music and overall laziness...
So be on the lookout for me and my other account: @Gnurides
I am still working on your requests and will deliver the rest of them soon, plus I'm also a member of a new project with a good friend of mine ;D

So when does your spring break start?

Hope to hear from all of you in the next 16 days, cya!

(PS: as some of you already know, one of my biggest projects is in the making, and it just got one hell of an update :D )


What music do you like?

2015-02-22 08:17:35 by BobieThe11th

Question: Genre of music do you listen to, and what's your favourite song? Lemmie know :D
Mine's EDM, here are my favs:


2015-02-06 04:08:17 by BobieThe11th

Hey guys how are y'all doing?
Haven't posted here in awhile :I
Anyways, I'm looking for ways so keep practicing with my new style of painting, and I would love it if u guys could help me out :D
If there's anything you want me to draw, if it's your character or a character from a game/series or anything, tell me!
I'll try hard to draw all of your suggestions/requests, cuz I wanna draw and get better c:
↓ so post dem all down here son ↓

HO HO HAnukkah :|

2014-12-25 08:59:58 by BobieThe11th

Merry Christmas everybody! And happy Hanukkah to all of you woh just have to settle with that. (Including me T-T)
I hope i'll be able to upload something festive. maybe a day late though

H A P P Y   H O L I D A Y S

Yes, it is official. My name is now changed, thanks to Mr. Fulp :D (bobie11 was a bit n00bish don't ya think?)
Also, I'm gonna be more active on Newgrounds from now on. I missed this place and all of u guys ;C So, excepect some stuff soon! or don't... you know...

Till next time!

(PS  Tailsbuddy, if you see this, your love for blue angers me, and I will not accept it >:C )

The BIG question

2014-10-13 03:39:36 by BobieThe11th

how you guys doing? haven't been here for quite a while. anything new? anyways stay safe. luv u :*